Primary Division Grand Prize – 2020
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Primary Division Grand Prize – 2020

Abby Wilcox

3rd Grader at Jackson Academy of Math and Music

Teacher – Ms. Schenkelberg

American women are kind, brave and confident.  In history, there are a lot of examples of women who have made good decisions to help their community.  It was hard to pick just one woman to write a thank you note to, but I finally decided on someone that is making the world a better place in 2020.


Dr. Sara Cody is the Santa Clara County Health Officer.  She has had that job since 2013.  Dr. Cody is the woman who is helping all of us stay healthy by asking everyone to shelter in place during the Coronavirus pandemic.  Dr. Cody is smart and has the right experience to make a decision like that, but it still was not easy.  She did what she knew was right and that takes courage.


This is my thank you note to Dr. Cody.  My plan is to mail it to her so she knows how grateful I am that she is keeping my community healthy.


Dear Dr. Sara Cody,


My name is Abby Wilcox and I am a third grader at Jackson Academy of Math and Music in Morgan Hill, CA.  I have been reading about you and I wanted to write you a letter.  


Thank you for making a thoughtful decision to help us stay healthy.  What did it feel like to make a decision like that?  It had to be hard.  If I were you, I would have felt proud of myself, but I would have also felt bad to cancel a lot of fun things for my friends and family.  And, I would have felt nervous that people would not understand.  It was important to me to write you this letter so that I could tell you that I think you made the best decision anyone could have made.


I am a Brownie in Troop 60530.  As a Girl Scout, we are taught to be kind, caring and confident.  Were you a girl scout?  I kind-of think you were because you are all of those things.  And, if you were not, you would have made a perfect one!   Girl Scouts are taught to make a difference in their community.  It is clear that you used your knowledge and experience to make a decision that was good for the County – just like I am taught to do as a Girl Scout.


I hope that someday, if I have to make a decision as tough as you did, that I can remember how strong and confident you were and be strong and confident myself!


Thank you for your kindness and courage.


Abby Wilcox