Primary Division 2nd Prize – 2020
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Primary Division 2nd Prize – 2020

Emma Killough

3rd Grade, Nordstrom School, Mrs. Lefevre

My Grandmother, Nancy Fishman, you are a huge deal. So, yes! Keep reading this, I have a lot to talk about. You, simply seeking to start a food rescue organization in Detroit, out of your car, started America’s largest food rescue organization in America —
which I admire about you — thank you, Nana. Oh, and did I mention, Forgotten Harvest rescues 46,000,000 pounds of food per year, which I also admire, thanks again Nana! I also admire you for coming to California, starting a food rescue here called A La Carte, part of the Loaves and Fishes organization, and inspiring many young Americans to save the community and save food for the needy and all the Americans here living in poverty. Oh, and don’t let me forget, that when I grow up, thanks to you, I will keep the food organization business running. Someday, I will start an organization so all of the people in the future living in poverty will get the high quality meals they deserve. So, thank you for inspiring me and other people to help save the American community!
Thank you so much Nana Fishman!

I also admire your amazing ability to tell stories that get people hooked in. Also, you have the ability to listen to someone telling a story and to make someone feel good about their storytelling. You are not just an amazing story-telling, non-profit founder, but also a psychologist with a PhD, which you got in a time when not many American women were able to get a PhD. Thank you so much for being a first and for inspiring others.  Oh, I almost forgot! There are so many stories about you that we love. One time when you traveled from Michigan to Morgan Hill, you thought your family needed corned beef for no certain occasion. You got on an airplane with a corned beef in your luggage. This shows how wonderful you are and how much you care about your family.

You, Nancy Fishman, are a vegetarian who flew to Michigan and used your time and money to get a juicy corned beef for all of our family.
All in all, Nana, you are inspiring, funny, intelligent, generous, and one of the most exciting, amazing people I’ve ever met.