Honorable Mention Upper Grades – 2020
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Honorable Mention Upper Grades – 2020

Emerson Lamar

4th Grade, Charter School of Morgan Hill, Mrs. Crispin

Audrey Hendricks taught me that I can stand up for what’s right no matter what age I am. She sacrificed her freedom at 9 years old to help end segregation and contribute to the civil rights movement. Most importantly, what she did helped change the world we live in today and without her contribution we could still be fighting segregation. If I had the opportunity to write a letter to an inspirational woman I would choose Audrey because without her actions my life today would be very different. .

I’d like to thank Audrey for her sacrifice to help change the world.

She played a role in the civil rights movement. She wanted people of color to be treated like everyone else. Audrey went to jail in protest of

segregation, she was only 9 years old! She was the first kid to go to jail and eventually the jail was full of kids. When Audrey Hendricks went to jail, she had to be very brave. The jail house was probably very scary for a young girl. It was also probably cold, dark and crowded and the food was bad.

She could have been lonely because she was the first kid to be arrested and sent to jail. The protest helped end segregation and Audrey and other African Americans were able to eat awesome ice cream and play games with their friends.

Some people might argue that a little girl had no impact on my life. I don’t agree. Without Audrey Hendricks helping end segregation, my great grandparents and grandparents would not have been able to have good jobs and wouldn’t have been able to go to good schools. Also my parents wouldn’t have been able to have me, my brothers or my sister. Learning about Audrey made me feel more confident about doing things that change the world, even if I am a young girl. When I heard her story it made me feel like I can do amazing things.

Audrey Hendricks thank you for being brave. It took a lot of courage to go to jail at 9 years old. Your bravery inspires me to be confident in

school and sports. Your bravery also inspires me to stand up for what’s right. For example, I will stand up for myself and stand up for others if someone is being bullied at school and if someone is being treated differently.