Grand Prize Upper Grades – 2020
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Grand Prize Upper Grades – 2020

Tessa Landers

5th Grade, El Toro Elementary, Mrs. Golubok

If I could write a thank you note to a woman of great accomplishments from the 20th century, if would be Rosa Parks.  She is a hero to me and millions of others too.  She helped others realize that all are equal no matter skin color nor other differences.  She helped others find the courage to stand up for themselves and fight for equal rights.  Now let me tell you how she accomplished all she did.

It started in the year 1955, when Rosa Parks was on her way home from work.  Back then black people had to sit in the back of the bus while white people would sit in the front.  She stepped on the bus and had a seat with two other women.  That’s when the bus pulled up at a stop and three white people stepped on the bus.  When the white people had nowhere to sit, the bus driver asked the three women to give their seats to the white people.  Two of the women immediately followed instructions and stood up.

However, Rosa Parks did not stand up.  She claimed she didn’t have to give up her seat because she was black. The bus driver warned her and said he would, in fact, call the police.  Later that day, Rosa Parks was arrested and sentenced to prison for disorderly conduct.  She was in prison for four days.

I find this story simply amazing because most people don’t have the courage to stand up for themselves in a situation like that.  When she did this, she earned the nickname “The Mother of the Civil Rights Movement”.

She showed a lot of people that they could do anything they put their minds to.  When she did this, she was courageous and brave.  There are lots of people who count on what she did to help our country.  With the help of Rosa Parks we have a free, and, equal country.  Without her, kids at my school may not have as good of a life, or as loyal friends as they do.  She made a change to our country and changed multiple lives.

Without Rosa Parks, our lives would be different.  We may not have amazing experiences, or the most loyal friends.  I know, for a fact, that without her help, I may not have the friends I do now.

We have many people in our lives to thank and honor.  There are many people who can make a movement in our world or make a change to help others.  All you need to know is that you’ll be helping others or making the right choice. Just remember to thank the people in your lives who help you out or help take care of you.  There’s always room for people to make a change to our world.

So, I could write a thank you note to a woman of great accomplishments from the 20th century.  She would be the person who made a change, fought for others, did what she believed was right and changed all our lives. Rosa Parks.