Grand Prize – Primary
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Grand Prize – Primary

Brooke Alciati

CParadise Valley Engineering Academy
3rd Grade, Ms. Bonino

The song, “This Land is Your Land”, written by Woody Guthrie is my favorite patriotic song. The song tells military soldiers why they serve for our whole country instead of staying home with their families.  One reason is to fight the bad things that are happening.  Another reason is it tells about what we have and what we need to protect.  When I imagine the song, I think of the two people Woody Guthrie sings about as two people coming together as one, like a community.  Soldiers have their own families just like us, but risk it all to protect our country.  People should be more generous and gentle to them for they have done many things for us.

Woody Guthrie describes the beautiful parts of America and how it is unique in its own way.  It makes me think about how wonderful it is to live in America.  It makes me proud to be American because it shows America’s beauty and what we have that other people in other countries don’t have.  It makes me think more about the beautiful and unique parts of America.

My grandpa (Nono) served in Vietnam as a Navy Illustrator Draftsman.  Now he is the commander at the Gilroy VFW and goes to all the meetings.  He gives military rights at funerals.  One time, he did the rights for the dad of my brother’s teacher.  It made me feel proud that he would do military rights for someone my brother knew.  The song makes me think about sharing my time with my grandpa in the America it talks about.

The song makes me feel united with my family and it makes me happy.  Once, when I was playing piano, I saw the song “This Land is Your Land” and from then on, I loved the song.  “This Land is Your Land” is my favorite patriotic song.