Morgan Hill Patriotic Sing | Grand Prize – Primary
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Grand Prize – Primary

Luciano Guerra

Charter School Morgan Hill 3rd Grade, Mrs. Crispin

If I could give America a birthday gift, my gift would be to help our Senior Citizens.  They are an important part of our country’s past.  None of us would be around today if it was not for them.

I would put together a program for all elementary schools throughout our nation.  Every student would sign up to help and talk with seniors in their communities. They could go to their local Senior Center to spend time with seniors or visit them in their own homes with a parent or an adult involved with the senior program.  High school students who are able to drive can also get involved.  They can drive seniors to wherever they want to go. For example, they can take seniors to doctor appointments, grocery visits, or on an outing with their friends.

The government gives money to each state to assist with Senior Centers.  They make sure that seniors have food, shelter, and can see doctors when they need to. It still isn’t enough though.  Seniors need companionship and someone to talk to on a daily basis.  My class visited the Centennial Recreation Senior Center this month and had a great time singing, reading poetry, and speaking to the seniors there that day.  We all heard some amazing stories about their lives.

I chose to give this birthday gift to our seniors because some of my relatives are Seniors.  They are helpful, loving people and it is important to take care of all of them in our country.