3rd Prize Upper Grades – 2020
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3rd Prize Upper Grades – 2020

Alana Verador

4th Grade – El Toro Elementary, Mrs. Medaxian

“I may be compelled to face danger but never fear it, and while our soldiers can stand and fight , I can stand and feed and nurse them.” – Clara Barton –


If I can write a thank you note to someone it would be Clara Barton. She’s an American woman born in Oxford, Massachusetts in 1821. The reason why I would thank her is because she was a pioneering American who founded the American Red Cross.

She was also a hospital nurse in the American Civil War, a teacher and a patent clerk. Clara had a strong passion for helping and caring for others and I am thankful for her example.


The American Red Cross is an organization that helps everyone in need during different emergencies, especially emergencies that are caused by natural disasters. In founding the Red Cross, Clara has helped millions of Americans that are affected by many disasters. To this day the American Red Cross is still a great organization and we should thank Clara for her leadership and passion that continues to strengthen the Red Cross.

Clara also has helped inspire a lot of people to volunteer their time to help people in need. During the Civil war she helped nurse and care for our injured, sick soldiers even though it was a scary time. After the war ended, she reunited soldiers to their families and brought sad news to the families of soldiers that were missing. Her bravery and compassion towards helping others inspires me to want to help people in need and I am thankful to look up to her as a role model.


In conclusion, Clara Barton was a leader, role model, nurse, teacher and a verycaring person. You can see how great she was through the work she put into the American Red Cross. She led us all with her example of kindness and caring for others and for that we should all be thankful. So, thank you Clara Barton for being my inspiration and for helping so many people.