3rd Prize – Primary
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3rd Prize – Primary

Gaby Gomez Chimal

P.A. Walsh STEAM Academy
3rd Grade, Ms. Shoemaker

My favorite patriotic song is “Taps”. One thing that I know about “Taps” is that it was written by Daniel Butterfield.  “Taps” is American because it is played in funerals of the people that fight for us.  Another thing that I know is that “Taps” was first played in 1862. These are some things that I know about “Taps”.

One reason I love “Taps” is because people fight for us and our country.  People die for us.  They risk their lives for us.  People leave their family and friends for us.  “Taps” is a reminder of this.  That is why I love the song.

When I hear “Taps” I feel special because the people fight for us.  When I hear “Taps” I do not tap my feet on the floor because I am respectful to the song.  When I hear “Taps” I feel happy and sad at the same time.  These are some things I feel when I hear “Taps.”