3rd Prize Primary Division 2020
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3rd Prize Primary Division 2020

Liam Leyva

3rd Grade – Barrett Elementary School

Mrs. Jennifer Klem-Myers

Dear Mrs. Annie Jump Cannon,


My name is Liam Leyva. I am a third grader at Barrett Elementary School. You were my age in 1872. I want to thank you for all your great work studying the stars. I learned that you classified 300,000 stars, which was more stars than anyone else in the world. Not only that, you also created the system we use today to name the stars, called the Harvard Classification System. You were a stellar astronomer who became known as, “Census Taker of the Sky.”


I read that when you were a child, your mother helped you learn astronomy and physics at home. Right now, I’m also studying at home because our world is in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. There is a very contagious disease going around. It made me sad to learn that in your time, you caught scarlet fever and became deaf. You inspired me because losing your hearing didn’t stop you. It made you work harder and study more.


In 1929, you were chosen as one of the “greatest living American women” by the League of Women Voters because you fought for women’s right to vote. You have a crater in the moon and an asteroid named after you! In 1994, you were inducted into the National Women’s Hall of Fame. Ten years later, Google gave you a Doodle, and Delaware honored you on a $1 coin last year.

I read that your personality has been described as “ebullient.” I didn’t know what that word meant. My mom told me I’m ebullient when she gives me back the power cord to my xbox so I can play again. I learned that you were really good in astronomy because of your tidiness and your patience. I think I might be good at astronomy because I’m like everything to be tidy and organized. My family says I need to keep searching and praying for patience.


Last Christmas, I got a telescope. I’m looking forward to going camping with my mom and brother again so we can look at the amazing stars in the warm summer night sky. Thank you for being such an Amazing American Woman!


Liam Leyva