Morgan Hill Patriotic Sing | 3rd Prize – Intermediate
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3rd Prize – Intermediate

Sophia Chiang

El Toro Elementary

5th Grade – Mrs. Miceli

If I could give America a birthday gift, I would give her happiness.  Everyone deserved to be happy, from the smallest child to the oldest person.  Everyone deserves at least a chance to feel happiness, whether it’s with family or friends.  Loss of happiness can lead to many terrible, miserable and illogical things, such as bullying and depression, which can lead to harm to self and others, suicide even.

If everyone could just be happy, so many horrible things and negativity will be gone and the world would be so much better, and, well, happier.  Research also shows that being happy increases the strength of one’s immune system, and therefore, it also increases one’s life span.  Not to mention that a lot of people can’t think straight when they’re clouded with sadness and anger.  Such things can lead to car accidents, and accidents in general,  getting into fights, getting hurt and other things like that. If we could all be happy, the world would be happy, it would be incredibly beneficial both for people and the world.  A world without any more negativity and sadness – wouldn’t that be a beautiful place for all of us?