2nd Prize Upper Grades – 2020
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2nd Prize Upper Grades – 2020

Samantha Childers


4th Grade, Charter School of Morgan Hill, Mrs. Crispin

If I could write a letter to any American woman it would be Ellen Ochoa. Ellen was the

first Hispanic woman to go to space. She had a great education and got a degree to be an electrical engineer. She inspired me to reach my dreams and reach for the stars. I knew that I won’t give up my dreams. I will work hard like she did. She also inspired me to go for it and take those risks.

First of all, Ellen made all Hispanics have a chance to follow their dreams. In 1993 Ellen Ochoa sent off on her first mission into space. In 1990 she was selected by NASA to be on the team. She worked hard to be on the team. I know that I won’t let down my team. I will work hard and believe in what I am doing. She also inspired me to be me and know that I can do anything. Ellen had 4 successful missions, I will complete my missions just like she did.

Secondly, when I learned about Ellen Ochoa and her school experience it looked like she was just a normal kid in class, turns out she was the top in the class. For her to go to Stanford and get a degree in electrical engineering then be selected by NASA, made me wow. I now know that you don’t need to look smart to be smart, you don’t need glasses to be smart, you just have to listen well and follow directions to have a good education.

However, there are some people that might wonder that Ellen Ochoa is not useful in

American life and just Hispanics, but Ellen has pushed me everyday to believe what I can do. I work hard and motivate myself like she did. She is the person that motivated me to try new things. It’s like she is saying to me “Go for it” and believe what I can do.

Ellen Ochoa inspired me to work hard and believe in what I am doing. I now know you

don’t need to look smart on the outside, you just have to be smart on the inside, to get a good education and to look at her now and where she is. Maybe I can make a difference someday.

Ellen Ochoa motivates me to think about self-discipline. Most importantly, Ellen is the one who made me think in what I can do even though I am just a swimmer and normal student, I can be more.