Morgan Hill Patriotic Sing | 2nd Prize – Primary
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2nd Prize – Primary

Keily Orta

Barrett Elementary 3rd Grade, Mrs. Lammers

If I could give a birthday gift to America, I would give Equality.  Because even today, people still treat each other differently based on their skin tone, social status, race, and even sexual preference. I don’t think that’s fair and I would love to see everyone use those positive differences to help each other reach the common goal, and that is “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

The gift of equality is to give people the opportunity to be fair and not be judged based on their differences.  Although times have changed, there are some equal rights, but not enough.  For example, Susie isn’t being a good friend to Mark because he can’t walk and is in a wheelchair.  She thinks that just because he’s in a wheelchair, he shouldn’t be able to be the leader in any activity. But, Mark is really smart and that’s why the teacher chose him as a leader.  You see, just because one person is in a wheelchair, they shouldn’t get treated differently at all.

Lastly, I think a statue representing equality will be another great gift for America.  “The Statue of Equality” would be its name. Just like the “Statue of Liberty” located in New York.  This statue of equal rights would be a reminder of how we should treat others and how we should all be treated the same no matter of any of our differences.

And, this is the gift I would give America, the land of opportunities.