Morgan Hill Patriotic Sing | 2nd Prize – Intermediate
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2nd Prize – Intermediate

Cara Wargocki

Jackson Academy of Math and Music

4th Grade – Mrs. Gallegos

If I could give America a birthday gift, I could give it many things: like a year without bullying or a country with respected laws.  Maybe I could give it seas without pollution or skies without smoke.  But most of all, I would try to make America a country without war, a country full of peace and freedom.

“America, Land of Freedom” has had a history of battles and wars that drove families away and people apart.  If this land had no wars, history would be more peaceful and its title would be true.  When people entered this country, they believed they would live free, but long ago when explorers came, they drove people out of their homes.  Later on, with slaves, different states were driven apart through unlike opinions and different beliefs. War sprang up everywhere.

If we had no wars, think of what we could do.  Our country united as one together and unique, we may be looked up to more, and thought of as a role model.  If America had no war, it might be the start of a peaceful world.  That is why the best present ever given to America would be peace.